Industry and computers

There is no such thing as anything without the exploit of computers and it is obviously being put to work nowadays. There are so many things going on with so much to get done that it is not probable to do without having computers with us. It was at the start of the 1970s that this process gathered drive. One cause for this was the huge leap forward in microelectronics, which led to a huge increase in presentation coupled with far slighter, cheap computers system.

Smaller and more powerful systems were needed overall. The increase in the use of computers was accompanied by major technological, organizational and social vary at the workplace, which caused existing business processes to be largely modified to electronic data processing, resulting in faster growth in necessities for new work qualifications in offices and in manufacturing. Companies could now see themselves beyond years and which was not likely for humans to consider. Companies first began to work with computer systems at the beginning of the 1960s. These systems install at computer centers. The operating costs of such a computer center were so high that the systems had to run day and night to be gainful. In the beginning, we can say that it was IBM, which came up with solutions for a small planet as they say. With the expansion of data communications equipment, it was no longer essential to install peripheral devices in computer center locations.

Terminals at office workers’ desks made it achievable to enter into a dialogue with the computer, i.e. to direct admission the data. In 1965, IBM launched the System/360 mainframe on the market, and in conclusion established itself as the world’s leading computer supplier. From this point on, IBM sets the standards. As we said that IBM put onward as being the role model for the companies that we see these days and it is no surprise that everything is so mixed up, but sailing smooth just because of computers and what they have done for us. They were focused towards user line and user friendliness, this approach was a strange success because it bundle application software and customer training with the hardware.

This all-in service led to the rapid increase of office computers through small and medium-sized companies, which could not pay for their own data processing department and therefore wanted inclusive solutions for their business association. Companies started making their individual computers that were dedicated to individual needs and sooner particular machines, no bigger than a carton of cigarettes were handling their entire framework. As flexible, fast process-control computers, they were used in factories, to plan, control and automate manufacturing processes. The increase in computer-controlled developed technologies was motivated by the necessity to cut costs and to make certain efficient, flexible and cheaper production. Computer-controlled robots originally became widespread in the automotive manufacturing sector in the early 1980s. About 60% of all computers were in use there, and replaced 20 to 26% of the factory workers. From there, computers penetrate the whole world of industry.


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