The right specialized touch

A business-orientated and targeted notebook, HP folio is coming up for just the accurate business individuals to use it. HP folio ranks amongst the top ten notebooks of the world. HP fans will be interested to know about the notebook and if you are not HP’s fan yet, after reading the upcoming content, you will surely become one.

This laptop is specially designed and given the right professional touch so that business people may stay organize and updated about their work. It starts with a price of $899. In the later paragraphs, you may read about some of its specs that might give you an overview about the notebook.

It is equipped with Intel core i5 second generation. It has a speed of 1.6 GHz. Core i5 means faster operations and faster work. A 4GB RAM with a speed of 1333 MHz and DDR3 format is just the perfect combination for you so that you can run multiple programs at a single time. It also possesses a 128 GB Hard drive so that you can store all your important documents, no matter how large they are and how many they are. The hard disk is a bit smaller as compared to other laptops. However, its quantity is determined especially to meet the requirements and suit the laptop. It has an Intel HD 3000, so that you can create graphic intensive presentations and run it smoothly on your laptop.

Its strongest point is its ergonomics.  It has a thickness of 0.7 inches, and is included in the ultra-thin category. It is thereby thinner than most laptops of its kind. It weighs just around 3.3 pounds and is easily portable.  So, what are you waiting for? Rush towards the nearest shopping mall and grab one laptop, where else can you get this combination at one place?

Electro Computer Warehouse offers you a great variety of laptops at cheapest rates with excellent working condition without even a single scratch on that. You can also go through for laptop lots.


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