How cheap computers can help your nonprofit

Cheap computers are usually sourced from businesses and large enterprises who have upgraded their own computer systems. The income of computer systems may be as short as 2 to 3 years, meaning that the computers they are replacing still have a lot of life left in them Professional computer refurbishes take the computers being replaced, and they examine and service them to a high quality standard. Knowing that the cheap system has been checked and accepted by a professional gives you peace of mind when making your purchase.

Compared to new, cheap computers can offer significant savings – particularly when you look at the minimum necessities for your computing needs now and going into the future. You may be surprised that not all software requires the latest-and-greatest. Furthermore, as services move to the Cloud, an excellent Internet link may be a higher priority on the list than raw processing power. An added advantage is that cheap computers are not only cost-effective solutions, but also play a part in helping the surroundings by reducing the increasing amount of e-waste being produced.

Can a cheap computer handle my daily tasks?

Basic software packages such as office, accounting and security suites do not require a lot of sound. In fact, a computer with a dual-core processor would be quite able of being an admin workhorse and Internet browser.

Here is a quick checklist of what you should look for as a minimum:

Cheap computer – dual core processor, flat-screen monitor, keyboard and mouse

Operating System – make sure you check if your computer is supplied with an operating system installed, or just a license (you may need access to an installation CD)

Office/desktop publishing software – such as Microsoft Office

Security software – such as Norton 360

You should always contrast the minimum specifications required by the software you use daily to the specifications of any computer you are looking to purchase.

How much should I pay for a cheap?

While cheap computers are usually around half the price (or less) of a new system, it is important that you know what you are getting. Make sure that the computer is offering the greatest parts available for the price. As a nonprofit organization, it would also be value your while to see if there are any discounts, you can take advantage of to get more “bang” for your buck.

How can I access nonprofit discounts?

Our nonprofit technology donations and discount program has a range of refurbished desktop and laptop computers which may meet your needs. You can also access those important software packages at prices significantly lower than retail. These prices are only available to nonprofit organizations registered with Connecting Up’s Donation & Discount program, so visit Connecting Up today and register your organization.


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