Computer Usage and Its Collision in Society

Ever since the sunrise of civilization, knowledge has been authority. Computers in the current world are the main source of knowledge, information and activity. From an easy calculator to the most powerful super computer, IT has taken over the world like a hurricane. Technology, simply, is all about being one step forward of others. Being able to do superior research before your opponents or business rivals allows you to increase advantage in overall worldwide competition. Super computer can figure out projectile technology; at the same time it can discover oil fields. It occupies well-known position in the field of detection and inventions. Super computers have the ability to examine large amounts of data. Scientists use thousands of computers at once to search for life somewhere else in the universe. Thus it’s clear that how many applications a huge amount of computing power has! In modern times, online courses are being widely used by students all over the world. Home schooling would have been impossible before computers and internet. It helps augment one’s ability to teach him/her. New fields of study are explored, researched and introduced every day among them, latest is artificial aptitude. The inference of these findings and future research works still demand more efforts in the part of scientists, researchers, explorers and scholars. The academic presentation is largely better with the computer usage. College-going youth, school children and professional youth, all possess their own PCs. If the new standard computer is out of their financial range, they opt to buy refurbished laptops and used computers to carry on their search of knowledge. These computers are cheap but functions very well. Therefore their desire for knowledge is quenched and they feel satisfied to gain global information.


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