Buying Refurbished Computers

While nonprofits may grip on to hardware equipment until the last bit of existence has been squeezed out of it, many organizations dump working computers in good condition after just three or four years of use. While this equipment may be outdated for the bleeding­-edge needs of a large project, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have years of existence that it can offer your association especially when its components have been examined and updated by a qualified refurbisher.

You can get laptops, desktops, servers, PDAs and most other types of hardware, all from a wide selection of manufacturers, with a wide variety of components and specifications. Keep in mind, though, there are many habits to buy refurbished computers, and as with everything else, it pays to do some study and planning.

Why Buy a Refurbished Computer?

Help save cash. Refurbished computers usually charge between $100 and $300, depending on the components. However, monitors are often sold individually. Overall, refurbished machines usually cost about half as much as a comparably configured new computer. Obviously, these PCs are also closer to the end of their working lives.

Help save the environment. Refurbishing keeps operational computers out of landfills, storage or out of countries where tools may be dismantled under unsafe circumstances.

Key Actions

Cautiously think through your current and prospect computing needs. A refurbished PC may have enough juice to run Microsoft Office, but it might choke on the latest video­-editing software. A quick Google search or a look at the packaging will tell you the smallest amount and recommended requirements for an exacting piece of software. Keep sure your computers meet at least the recommended requirements for the operating system you plan to fit and anything else you will need to use on a usual basis. A technology plan and a needs appraisal are good ways to make sure that you know what computer power your staff and patrons will need in the near future.

Always buy from an experienced refurbishing company. If you buy used computers from a bug market or the classified section, you won’t be happy with the results. Refurbishers, on the other hand over, test each computer they get thoroughly, repair them if essential and may do some simple upgrades.


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