Buying New or Refurbished Computers

Having spent a pair of decades in the IT industry very often clients will ask as to the overall excellence of a new computer versus refurbished. Let me effort to answer this so we can put the myths, biases and fixed notions to rest.

Let’s first travel around what constitutes a refurbished computer, a refurbished computer is defined as a system which has been beforehand shipped/sold to someone and then returned. The larger query should be but why was it returned?

Definition of a refurbished computer

Refurbished tools are not essentially used equipment. Certain manufacturers and dealers have class standards that will not be compromised. If a piece is returned but appears to be in working order, or has a slight problem that can be corrected with no trouble, the item will be refurbished and sold at a discount. Most companies will assurance the item as if it was new.

Why would I ever wish for a refurbished computer?

From listening to my clients I have discovered there are an excessive bias and a general misconstruction toward refurbished computers. Generally people consider these refurbished computers to be lesser excellence than that of their new complement. Not always the case. A refurbished item can be returned for any cause including playful and indecisive customer returns. Perhaps the buyer did not like the color or just changed their mind so they box it up and return it. Under no incident is a retailer allowed to simply repackage a client return and sell it as a new item. So you can see how this could be a good deal for the confidence consumer. They could pick up this deal for at least a 20% decrease from the original price.

Let’s look at the advantages of buying refurbished, off lease and or used products,

  • Reduction pricing
  • Quality in some cases for refurbished product is improved than that of new because it’s inspected previous to leaving the manufacturer and then once more it is checked when returned
  • The ecological implications. If you are environmentally aware your help goes far in to reprocess and being more environmentally gracious.

At least with refurbished computers you’re getting the newer technology at considerably reduced pricing. There is leading technology and what I call bleeding technology. Bleeding knowledge is paying the premium price for the majority recent technology. Keep in mind discounting on refurbished items does not only relate to computers but rather all electronics. Think about it before making your next electronics purchase.


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