How to Make Your Internet Speed Better by Cleaning Junk Files

Make Your Internet Speed Better by Cleaning Junk Files

Reason Why Your Internet May Be Slow

Your internet speed depends on the speed of your computer as well. If your computer is full of junk files, or even inferior, spyware and viruses, than it doesn’t matter what your internet connection type is your computer speed will slow to a creep. These files take up precious space on your computer and some even works in the background to scout on your surfing habits to send information to companies.

How to Make Your Internet Speed Better by Cleaning Junk Files

You have to delete the junk files from your computer. For many people, however, this is easier said than done. Junk files that slow down your internet may be situated all over your computer. Some are even in hidden folders automatically created by the spyware bots themselves. You can try removing some of the applications you don’t want in your computer or identify using the add/remove programs option in the control panel of your system. This will help rather but some of the actually harmful files will not show up in the add/remove programs list. The most useful way to rid your computer of junk files is to use an antivirus program. Antivirus programs have updated databases that will help in fighting computer infections wherever they are hidden on your computer. Once these files are removed, run a speedtest and you should notice a major boost in your results.

Conclusion: Prevention Is the Best Cure

It’s an old saying but it still holds true for computers also. Stay secure by updating your antivirus every day and using running anti-spyware apparatus at least once a week. Changing your ideal browser to Firefox has also helped many users stay their computer safe and is also how to recover internet speed since Firefox loads web pages quicker than Internet Explorer.


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