Apple Fusion Keyboard Could Make Touchpads Outdated

Apple Fusion Keyboard Could Make Touchpads Outdated

Apple wants to change the way we think about their keyboards, mouse, and touch pads. The company has decided a new series of patents calls a “fusion keyboard,” which varies the functions of keys and a touch pad in one device.

According to Patently Apple, the patent explains an invention that gives the keys on a keyboard double functions depending on how much force is applied to them. For example, pressing a key somewhat could suggest an action like typing a letter, and pressing the same key down could start a mouse click.

This technology seems to be more tangible version of Force Touch, a new characteristic Apple introduced on the new MacBook, which lets you perform diverse actions depending on how much force you apply to the touch pad when you click. The keys could also have receptive touch capabilities, meaning they could sense taps and swipes. This could let the outside of the keys act like a touch pad, letting you move the pointer across the screen simply by swiping cross ways the space bar.

While the copyright is intriguing, it’s just the first step towards something that might never occur.  We’ll have to stay and watch if Apple plans to do something substantial with this copyright, or if the company is just protecting its thoughts.


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