Dell and HP May Do an Agreement

Dell and HP May Do an AgreementDell is trying to sell out its PC before approving to buy EMC. Could HP still have curiosity?

Hewlett-Packard the CEO yesterday forecast that Dell’s $64 billion buy of EMC Corp.  EMC -2.79% will result in “confusion,” thus creating a “real chance for HP.” At the similar time, Re/Code reported that Dell explored a sale of its business before signing the EMC harmony, but didn’t find any takers.

HP apparently was among those that passed on Dell’s offer, but that was mainly because it was in the last stages of splitting into a pair of part companies. That procedure is set to wrap up at the end of this month, after which HP Inc. will put up for sale PCs and printers, while Hewlett will sell servers and other business hardware.

Dion Weisler, CEO of HP Inc. also said that Dell would be “unfocused,” and urged his sales teams to “forcefully pursue Dell accounts” — but was a bit more calculated in his language than was Whitman.

HP Inc. is the only most logical landing mark for Dell’s PC business, as they are number one and two, correspondingly, in terms of market share. Furthermore, Dell still has abundance of reasons to sell, since proceeds could be used to pay down the huge pile of debt that it will accumulate from the EMC merger. Besides, the EMC deal makes it even clearer that Dell views itself as more of a venture tech company than a consumer one.

Now we all need to do is to wait for this second shoe to drop down!


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