Smartphone’s substitute computers between young adults

Smartphone’s substitute computers between young adultsGrip the phone: The smart phone replaced the computer as the machine of choice for young ones.

A report was released on Thursday by the Pew Research Center that 86% of adults under 30 holds a smart phone, compared with 78% who have a laptop or desktop.

That represents a theatrical change from just 3 years ago, when less than two-thirds of young ones had Smartphone’s and nearly 90% owned computers. On the whole, more than two-thirds of all have a smart phone, up from 35% in 2011, the report said.

The smart phone succeeds other devices as well, according to Pew, with MP3 players and e-readers also trailing traction, while possession of gaming consoles is flat.

“The increase of Smartphone’s has been a main story in the universe of linked gadgetry,” Lee Rainie, director of technology research centre, said in a statement. “These changes in device rights are all taking place in a world where Smartphone’s are transforming into all-purpose devices that do many of the same functions of particular technology, such as music players, e-book readers or even game devices.”

The changes are most obvious between younger customers. Five years ago, three-quarters of young ones under 30 had an MP3 player. Today, just half have an audio-only device.


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