Forensic Team Groping Bangladesh Bank Computers


A forensic team of international IT professionals is analyzing all computers of Bangladesh Bank to discover what sort of malware hacked into the transaction processing system of the central bank and stole $101 million.The detection will be carried out by making use of a monitoring software program that is currently examining some 5000 computers with the BB.

The team will hand the report by next two weeks, detailing how the deceit took place and if any BB representatives were involved in the heist.The BB stated this to a group from the Banking Department of the finance ministry when it visited the central bank yesterday.

Yet the BB officials might not inform the larger authorities about the computer malfunction, said the official. This individual said the BB high-ups came to know regarding the problem on Sunday and its IT department sets the condition by restarting the system.

The powerful adware and spyware not only hacked into the system, but also damaged the system on the computers itself, which are being used by the officials to make transfer orders. Info on the printers had been also destroyed by the malware.The Banking Department expressed resentment within the BB not informing it on the subject of the case immediately and in addition, over the fact that the insect was able to enter the supposedly powerfulTHIS system to begin with, the recognized added asking never end up named.

To this, BB officials said the adware and spyware was powerful enough to outsmart the BB protection wall.After a conference with deputy governors, Bank Division Secretary Aslam Alam told reporters that the central bank appointed a forensic team to check into the case, whose probe experienced was underway.

“The researchers are checking all computer systems from the BB,” this individual said, adding, and no question that there have been flaws found in BB’s IT system.Following the heist, the federal government arrived at the realization the fact that country’s biggest risk is usually based on IT protection he said.

“IT protection is not only regarding the Bangladesh Bank, yet also about all banking institutions. Every bank has this security alarm system in place. All of us have to examine from the beginning how secure they are actually.

The BB can hold an urgent situation board conference tomorrow, in which the whole concern will be discussed and the next course of action determined, he stated.Speaking to the media, Deputy Governor Abu Hena Mohammad Razi Hassan stated it would take two more weeks to finish the investigation.

An examination of the IT protection system from the central financial institution as well as the whole banking sector might be conducted and the systems of each financial institution would be checked.This individual said the FBI experienced a strong cyber protection unit as well as the capability to see what is going on all over the world.

He stated the Fed enquired regarding some transfer orders allegedly sent from your BB. While as a result, the repayment of almost all of the money was stopped.On bringing back cash that wound up in the Philippines and Ceylon (veraltet), he said the unsecured debts which have been frozen in the Philippines keep only $68, 000 even though $81 million was in the country.

The cash had gone out of the banking channel, this individual said.


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