Looking for a computer this Christmas? Here is a little what you should actually go for!


So you want to replace your computer because it runs like turtle in treacle or you require an extra one for some other reason?

I hope the following will allow you to make a reasonable choice and the purchase will give you a self-satisfaction tinged with a touch of pride. For now, it is best to start with some options narrowing down.

What category to buy? What it will use it for?

These are the most important questions before making any purchase. All you do is to go back and forth to shop once in a month. So here are 3 options.

PC – Highly resourceful, a big range of software’s are available, enormous for small businesses, students, and for home use and have the skill to attach peripherals like monitors, keyboards, mice, webcams etc. Best hit for your money. The adaptability comes at the cost of difficulty, they are non-movable, most hard to use for the beginner and will take most space.

Laptop – Advantages and disadvantages are same as for PCs. If you require a PC but also need it to be movable or easy to hide, then you must go for a laptop. And again, they have a variety of specifications and sizes.

Tablet – If you just want to use the internet, checking your mails and maybe Skype, then I would suggest a tablet. Excellent for small use, cheap to buy, easy to use and not often goes wrong. But not so powerful, have restricted use, and impossible to upgrade.

The last thing to choose is what kind of specifications you want.

PCs and laptops – Just forgot Apple Macs for now, there are just only three things you need to think.
CPU type and speed – It is the brain, so it is really important. I recommend a CPU by Intel. They have four necessary types – Intel gives you the best value, CPU has the good level of entry, capable for gaming systems. There are different some other speed versions of Intel available so go through for it.

RAM– This is the memory and just like yours, the more you remember the more you can do your work easily and how quickly you can remember is also important. Look for 4GB as a smallest amount, majority of systems comes with this GB amount, 8 or better.

Storage –The need to keep all your data in the PC is an issue. I would say the less important, but over 500GB would be good for you.

The one more option to be considered is “Refurbished”

Buying refurbished is not only a very good option; it is also very fine value indeed. Many more companies are now offering these as an option like Electro Computer Warehouse, we have been selling a huge range of grade ‘A’ refurbished systems for many years and now, with our new updated inventory and larger warehouse, we carry a huge range of wholesale section for you to choose from. Enjoy your Christmas and make it memorable. Happy Shopping season!