Who invented Dell Computers?


The invention and the history of Dell computers are quite inspiring. In 1984 a student at University of Texas Michael Dell make the company named PC’s limited. He had $1000 only so he started working out of his dorm room to make personal computers created by stock components. These were IBM friendly computers because that was common at that time. At the early age of 15 he purchases an Apple computer to see how it works. In his college life he starts making computers and sold those computers directly to peoples at cheap prices. Dell was the first world’s largest computer makers.

Dell Computer

Dell’s fame was not completely shocking; Dell shows an early interest in technology and business industry. It was in college that Dell found his place and would become his bang. The PC world was still at that time young and Dell realizes that no company had ever tried selling their computers directly to customers. His just not focus only on good machines but on cheap rates and strong customer bonding as well.

In 1990, Dell attempted to sell their computers in club houses but didn’t get so much of success by doing this; in 1996 Dell started selling computers directly to its website. Anyone could go to their website and design their computers so it would be for better specifications. Then after that they ship to their particular location. Finances became available so that people would be eligible to acquire their computers very easily.

In 1999 Dell became very largest and popular computer sellers when they move towards Compaq computers. Their income has been topped up to $25 billion in 2002. After that they started selling televisions and other electronic appliances. Now they have Dell printers, LCD’s, monitors, TV’s and so much more to sell out. Since the growth beyond computers, in 2003 Dell changed his name to Dell Inc.

It is unbelievable that this billion dollar gaining company has started their business with just $1000 and Michael has always stood with the principles that everyone has the ability to built and design their own machine keeping their dreams in mind. Dell also offers individuals helping in making their computers. They also give on-site services and so many more to the computer user so that they can have the best experience.