The Injurious Effect of the Computer


As we, all know and cannot reject the fact that since the labor of computers it has changed the face of this world. It has brought a revolution and keeps getting advanced day by day. It has made things much easier and has found new ways in solving people’s issues. It is just absolutely unfeasible to avoid the use of computer technology of a whole nation. Computer technology is nowadays used all over the place, in schools, offices, hospitals, organizations, bank etc. none of the firms and institutions can possibly realize success without the use of computer technology.

However, these were only some of the things in which computers help us, now coming back to the destructive side of computers. Even the children who are small and cannot read and write are getting attached to the computer, which makes them less imaginative. At a very early age, they develop the habit of playing on the computer for hours and destroying their public life at the same time. Moreover, according to different well-known research, computers do not help to improve our health, in fact, in damages a lot if we do not use it correctly. The main parts of our body, which are affected by the use of computers, are eyes, brain and back. Usually looking at the computer for a long time has a very bad influence on our eyes. It weakens our eyesight and then the eye become painful and the next stage is glasses. Even the creator of micro soft Bill Gates has severely damaged his eyesight because of computers. It also has an enormous effect on our back because sitting for hours in front of the computer compensation our back and even, sometimes, the back becomes crooked, leaving intolerable pain.

Apart from backache, people also go through neck ache, wrest ache, distress, reduced ability of concentration and so on. We have to read, to type, to contrast something more than once, when we are working on the computer, but in result our eyes have to re-form thousand times a day. It has an unhelpful influence on our eyesight. For those people, which earn by working on the computer have the greatest part of fitness issues affecting their muscles and joints. In addition, other than that there can be even more serious compensation for the human health. Because of the progression of computers, the technology has made things easier for people, but if you look at the unhelpful side, it has also taken away some of the people’s efforts of doing things on their own. Another important drawback is social. The user withdraws from friends and family as he spends more and more time on the computer. Eventually the penalty of computer addiction will continue to increase in people’s life. Late night using the computer will affect on the job routine because it is necessary for a human to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep and by doing so, a person cannot and damage his routine in the process.