Intel, Micron Launches New Memory Tech 1000 Times Faster Than Current


Intel and Micron are going to start the production of a new, faster memory chip; according to them it will modify how computers access huge collection of data.

3D XPoint was the first new normal memory chip to come in to the market. The makers of the chip will send the samples of product to clients later this year. They declare that it is 1000 times faster than NAND; the technology is currently being used in solid state hard drives.

The new memory is meant at making it quicker for computers to work with the huge quantity of data created by a growing number of devices linked with each other and the internet. It also helps to improve data-severe tasks like real-time tracking disease and realistic gaming. Open types of memory are either too costly or aren’t fast enough for performing such tasks.

One of the most important problems in modern computing is the time it takes the computer to make data on long-term storage,” said by the Micron’s president Mark Adams. “This new group of non-volatile memory is an innovative technology that allows for fast access to huge data and enables totally new applications.”

Intel says new brand motherboard technology will have to be developed for XPoint to achieve its full potential in home computers, as no secondary interface currently has a bus speed fast enough. The new technology is at first most expected to be used by operators for large data centers such as Google and Facebook helps increasing performance of their servers, said by Martin Reynolds.